West African Goddess Oya/Yansan. from www.mythicrhythm.com. All rights reserved to the original artist.

Poetry by Sally Kahiu

I play your sadness with my fingers,
hoping to leave it behind in these precious key strokes.
Thought to save you. I need to save you, to find myself.
That mournful drone, on which I rest my wrists, needs to stop.
I have to find you.To save myself.

© Sally Kahiu 2013 

Written by Sally Kahiu
Sally is an Afrofuturist, art lover, poet and writer based in Nairobi. She ardently believes in propagating alterity and elevating knowledge systems of the ‘Other’. Her passion is demonstrated profoundly through her own poetry and prose. Sally is a researcher who loves, live music, Toni Morrison, recounting her daydreams and ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

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