Mystical arts for the soul. All rights reserved to the original artist (c)

Poetry By Sally Kahiu


We make beautiful
We find meaning in that which is breathed between us.
We find our creation; Mirrors of black, majestic, deity.
Souls rebirthed in mediation.

I chased after my benediction,
fettered by heresies.
The Chalice holding my tears hung on my neck,
I wouldn’t cast it off; my addiction.

But now I find that which you made beautiful,
The divinity that echoes in your breathing,
In that moment, these sweet walls of blackness,
Birth your purpose to give mine meaning.

©Sally Kahiu 2013 


Written by Sally Kahiu
Sally is an Afrofuturist, art lover, poet and writer based in Nairobi. She ardently believes in propagating alterity and elevating knowledge systems of the ‘Other’. Her passion is demonstrated profoundly through her own poetry and prose. Sally is a researcher who loves, live music, Toni Morrison, recounting her daydreams and ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

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