Picture by (c) Lucas Steuber 2012


Poetry by Sanya Noel

If Americans lived in America

And the British lived in Britain

Kenyans would’ve lived in Kenya

And Australians down under

But you take white rice and mix it with red meat

Not enough taste so you add to it a pinch of salt

Not good enough please mix it with some curry

We like it hot put in some pepper please

Add to it just a little of the lakeside pride

Then mix it with the easy natured coastal turf

We love it strong, can we have some Western please?

And where is the grace of the Eastern girls?

Entrepreneurial? Mix it with Central now!

We run this town, not with a Rift, but in a Valley

But we are the urban ones, we were born in this town!

Sir, I serve you Nairobi on a plate.

©Sanya Noel

Written by Sally Kahiu
Sally is an Afrofuturist, art lover, poet and writer based in Nairobi. She ardently believes in propagating alterity and elevating knowledge systems of the ‘Other’. Her passion is demonstrated profoundly through her own poetry and prose. Sally is a researcher who loves, live music, Toni Morrison, recounting her daydreams and ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

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